designArc Group subscribes to the belief that quality work stems from collaboration and a continuous emphasis on open feedback. We strive to learn as much from each other as we do on our own. In doing so, an environment is fostered in which creative and motivated individuals can benefit from the expertise of their colleagues. It is this cumulative knowledge and energy with which we approach every project. It is our belief that the highly-motivated nature of our team is reflected in the architectural solutions we develop for our clients.

Founded in 2008, designArc Group is a close-knit, growing architectural office providing a wide range of design services for eastern South Dakota and the surrounding areas.  At designArc Group, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we develop with each of our clients.  We seek to familiarize ourselves as best we can with the unique challenges that each new project presents.  Through working closely with our clients and maintaining an open dialogue of collaboration within our office, we are able to address these challenges with solutions that are sure to satisfy – or surpass – your expectations.  For most, employing the services of an architectural office is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and at designArc, we are acutely aware of this fact.  As such, we make every effort possible to maintain a sensible and fiscally-responsible attitude towards the design and construction of your project.

In the years since our office opened, we’ve been hard at work, diversifying our portfolio to accommodate the commercial, residential, institutional, and historical needs of the individuals and organizations within our community.  Whether your aspirations have matured into drawings in a notebook, or if you’re still in the “day-dreaming” stage, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation policy. Our team is eagerly waiting to apply the breadth of our knowledge and experience to your project!

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